Go-Kart Party Tyne & Wear

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply invitations?

YES - we send out all your invitations with a confirmation letter as soon as you book a birthday party.

How many Go-Karts do you have?

We have four Go-Karts which operate within the inflatable boundary track. All our kids parties are structured and designed to keep the children's attention even whilst not on the Go-Karts.

Can we have another activity with the Go-Karts?

Yes we have done kids parties for over 16 children with Bouncy Castles or Face Painters too. Different venues have different provision (at extra cost) however we have a selection of hoops, skippies, bats and balls too!  In our experience, the kids are far more interested in either cheering on their friends or having fun in a large hall with lots to do inbetween turns-NO BORED CHILDREN AT OUR PARTIES-ITS ALWAYS A LITTLE BIT WILD!!!

Do you provide food?

No, food is available from most of our pre arranged venues- or we organise a Party Room where you can take your own food! See venue list for details of services provided by each venue. All our venues will allow you to take the most important element – The Birthday Cake!  

Do I have to check availability at the Leisure Centre?

No, we do all the checking and booking for you with our prearranged venues! , Taking away all the stress of making phone call after phone call for all the different elements so you can RELAX and watch your child have fun! We have arrangements with many Leisure Centres in the area so we do all the work-you simply choose your most convenient venue!

If you are looking to book a party and already have a private venue or are a school or holiday/community scheme and already have a venue such as a sportshall or school playground, car park or field, we will come along and conduct a risk assessment visit.

Are the Karts safe?

Yes-and so are the operators! Safety is of paramount importance to Go-Kart Party and children are closely monitored. The speed of the Karts can be matched to the ability of the child. Karts can be set at speeds from 1-6mph. They have a low centre of gravity, are all fitted with safety harnesses, have regenerative brakes, wrap round bumpers, sturdy padded roll cage and all events are fully supervised and structured by our trained staff.

Do the children wear crash helmets?

No-the Karts have a padded roll bar which creates a completely safe cockpit, built with Health and Safety in mind.

How fast do the Karts go?

Karts can be programmed from a 3mph crawl to an exhilarating 7mph, depending on the ability of the driver and close staff assessment of that ability. Believe us, 7mph is fast when you are 2 inches off the floor and driving with other drivers!

Are you fully insured? 

Yes, we have full Public Liability Insurance up to 5 million pounds Documentation is available on request-just ask for a copy!

How much does a session or a party cost?

Prices vary according to a number of factors including date, time, venue, type of event-contact us for up to date prices and options, especially our special rate discounts.

What surfaces can the Karts operate on?

Our Karts will run on any firm surface such as tarmac, concrete, sportshall floors, carpeted areas or grass without damaging the surface. The tyres are non marking so no worries about leaving skid marks!

Do I have to book a venue?

No-Unless you are a school or holiday or community scheme and already have a venue such as a sportshall or school playground, car park or field. We have arrangements with many Leisure Centres in the area so we do all the work-you simply choose your most convenient venue!

How big is the circuit?

The circuit measures 11x15 metres (33x45ft approx) and we would add between 1-2 metres each side when erecting Health and Safety fencing both indoors and outdoors. Children are strictly forbidden from entering the circuit unless it is their turn.

What training have the operators had?

All operators have been fully trained by Go-Kart Party Ltd in the operation of the Karts and the delivery of the party or event and hold enhanced CRB Checks. In addition, our staff have also completed NSPCC Safeguarding Training and we also have a qualified First Aider on our staff team.

Do you provide full instruction?

Yes-Go-Kart Party is completely managed and supervised by our qualified staff and children are fully briefed, coordinated and supervised at all times.